Natural human hair pieces for Men and Women in London, Luton and across the UK.




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There are different types of Hair Replacement systems available in the market. We offer all types of hair systems available in the market and assist the client to choose the best option suitable for them.  Our hair consultants will assess your requirements and will advise you the best available solution. Our systems are made from original human hair and they are natural looking and undetectable. We also do high quality synthetic hair systems for those who request for synthetic hair.

We sell all types of systems including soft French Lace Systems, Skin Systems, Silk Top Systems and Skin Systems with French Lace front. You can wear our systems for up to 4 weeks continuously. You can lead a normal life when wearing our hair systems. You can take a shower,  swim and exercise while wearing our systems. 

Supply of hair systems (anywhere within UK or overseas) – We can supply hair-systems according to your requirement. We can provide you with custom-made systems suitable for you.  We always have some hair systems in stock which are most popular.  There will be a suitable stock system available for most of the customers.

Stock systems will be available within 5-10 working days whereas custom-made systems may take approximately 8 weeks from the start of the production to be ready to wear. There are some stock systems available for immediate wearing.  Please contact us for more details.

hair system

Fitting the hair system – We have experienced in-house staff members to fit your hair systems and cut your original hair and blend it with your new hair system to make it undetectable. We will provide you with basic training to look after your hair systems so that you don’t have to incur additional cost to correct minor issues with your system.

Periodical servicing of hair systems –  You may require periodical servicing of your system. We will remove it, clean it, cut your natural hair to blend with the system and re-fix it.

Supply of hair care products – We sell all accessories required to style your hair and maintain your hair system.The life expectancy of a hair system is anywhere from 4-12 months. The durability is decided by a number of factors like the product specifications, base material, maintenance of the system and lifestyle of the wearer.


Once you make an order with us, we will retain our customer’s measurements and you may request for a replacement system over the phone or via email.  If you are already wearing a hair system, please send us the measurements and specifications, we will send you a replacement one within the agreed time frame.

Hair replacement system

We use natural hair in our hair-systems to provide natural finishing and make it undetectable.

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A full head of hair achieved through our hair integration procedure can aid you to feel totally confident and give you a new lease of life.