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When we receive your initial enquiry, we will offer you an appointment for an initial consultation. The consultation is free of charge.  Our hair consultants will assess your hair loss and advise you with the best suitable option. There are different types of hair systems available in the market.

Our consultants will show you different varieties of hair systems and explain the features of each type. If you are a first time wearer, you will get an opportunity to feel the system and understand the hair integration procedure. Once you have decided to go ahead, we will initially assess the area required to cover and create a template of the area of hair loss.

We assess the colour of your remaining hair, texture, style, and density. Based on this, we will get your system ready in 1-8 weeks time.  Our systems are made from 100% natural human hair. We have some stock systems and if there is a suitable one for you, your system will be ready to wear within 2 weeks.


We offer full privacy to our clients during the consultation and the procedure.  Consultation will be taking place in provate rooms. Our hair consultants will explain you about various types of hair systems hair integration procedure  available. There are different types and quality of system-bases available in the market. We will explain the pros and cons of different base materials to make your selection easier. The next area of discussion will be the hair integration method.   

The next step will be identifying the matching hair color from our hair ring.  The color will be determined from your natural hair. We will assess your hair texture and density at the same time to make a system which blends 100% with your existing hair and make it undetectable. 

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We use natural hair in our hair-systems to provide natural finishing and make it undetectable.

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A full head of hair achieved through our hair integration procedure can aid you to feel totally confident and give you a new lease of life.